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The truth about college

(Based on my experiences in England)


“You’re going to get treated like an adult at college”


“If you find where we hid Eddie the Elf in the weeks leading up to Christmas break you win a bag of sweets”

eddie the elf.png


“College is a lot stricter”unhelpful school teacher meme.jpg

College teachers:

“That’s all, so you can leave early today”school-attendance-meme


“No swearing”

College teacher:

“Today we’re doing Interactionism so let’s listen to Fuck Tha Police by N.W.A.”fuck-tha-police-nwa


“They will have high expectations”


“You don’t need to do more research because we’ve provided you with all the resources”



“The work will be harder/you will have to work hard”


“You need to draw and annotate a comic strip for this week’s homework”



“You need to be better equipped”


*you only need a biro and a highlighter unless you’re doing an art-related subject*

Notes: featured image and other images not mine

All the things above did happen by the way! Sorry this isn’t a normal post. Hope you had a good start to 2017. 🙂

I’m so tired that I forgot I was meant to post today until I was deep into procrastinating my revision for my English mock tomorrow. Geography and Sociology didn’t go that well but at least they’re only mocks.

Song: Every You Every Me by Placebo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMaycNcPsHI



Is what I would call the experience of secondary school

– it is the land of the gossip, roughhousing and generally being silly:

like when someone dangled your pencil case in front of you, it was annoying to not be gifted with being tall;

here where teachers gave you a ton of homework willy-nilly;

boys and girls pushing past you

in the corridor, their bags adding to the knockback;

across classrooms glue sticks, paper aeroplanes, elastic bands and rubbers flew;

unfortunately you can’t erase the memory of your peers embarrassing you – there’s no turning the clock back;

talking in hushed voices just a few seats behind you;

throwing your way, a dirty glare;

shoving his phone down his pants so the teacher cannot confiscate;

cussing out the teacher if they dare;

telling the teacher a monetary reward for their work would motivate;

leaving little surprises from a dissection lesson in some poor unsuspecting soul’s blazer pocket;

boys being tinkers by hiding a friend’s files within many folders;

they warned you: don’t stick scissors in an electrical socket;

beware: friends may sneak wrappers in your hood or rucksack bottle holders;

girls taking the fight to the hood of Sir’s nice little car;

sword fighting with an old metre ruler;

using the Bunsen burner on random objects to char;

girl throwing up in a mock because she smoked weed beforehand, thinking nothing’s cooler;

employing bang snaps and stink bombs in the hallways

and cracking the secret to driving them up the wall through small ways.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine – according to good ol’ Wikipedia, it is from the 1917 silent film Rebecca of Sunnybroom Farm.

I had too much to write about for it to be a sonnet but I followed the same structure. I’m enjoying writing these 🙂 Fun fact: all but one of these lines I know for sure have happened at the school I went to.

Song: Here’s to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXd2WxoOP5g) – I don’t feel as old as my age so uni just being around the corner is a terrifying thought for me!