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Call me old fashioned, but…

Typing; unthinking,

the soul is disconnected,

contained in boxes.


The pen in my hand,

like a neuron connected

to my mind – “Create”.



Notes: featured image not mine.

When/where/how do you do your best thinking or brainstorming?

I love technology but there’s some things that I prefer doing by hand – for example, I feel like people are missing out on the magic of reading if they have a kindle rather than a proper paperback book. I enjoy turning the pages, and the smell of a new book, just having a physical, signable copy of it in my hands. Not to mention being able to see it sitting proudly on my bookshelf.

Although I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff because I’m moving house next year. Being sentimental makes that task particularly difficult.

Apologies for posting late in the day, the weeks are going by so quickly for me!

Anyway, this poem really sums up my feelings towards my English teachers who are insistent upon everyone using Google Drive/Google Docs. One of them even let my whole class see my first fiction draft as his computer screen was also being displayed on the board. But the girl I sit next kindly tried to assuage my embarrassment, apparently she and other people think my work is good. Lately I have not been doing much for English and now I’ve got one week until the deadline for our first drafts for three pieces. Wish me luck…

I  tried posting this on my PC and the bug still happened. Is anyone else seeing their latest post is shown as posted weeks ago?

Edit: I just noticed that glaring typo in the title, oh dear. It wasn’t there in my original post, haha!

Song: Alleyways by The Neighbourhood (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVwckL8Q3_Y)