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In the moment

Running lukewarm through

my veins, unfulfilled hopes quashed,

tension waned; mellow.

Music swaying, lips seeking

easy, dizzying nectar.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

I can only be succinct/concise in my poems and not my essays, it seems…

And yes I reposted this just now as the first one didn’t appear at the top of my blog for some reason.

Song: Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) by The Neighbourhood (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7FeTsK3Vr4)¬†– listened to the I Love You album on repeat whilst writing this. The voice reminds me of the kind of melancholic feeling I get from listening to Lana Del Rey too, but more relaxing.


Is the feeling mutual?

Your pulse starts to hammer

every time you’re close to her-

did she just smile at you?

She couldn’t have

you walk on

suddenly fascinated by the floor.


A few months later:

your phone flickers to life

your eyes widen

there’s new notification on your screen



– Nix

: featured image not mine

I tried to post this in the morning at college but WordPress fucked up again and since I was in my phone I couldn’t re-do it until I got home.

Song: Take Me To Church by Hozier (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYSVMgRr6pw)


Eyelids heavy

pulse steady

life’s remedy.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

Hope everyone is having happy holidays. ūüôā

May go on hiatus due to mock exams coming up.

It’s been extra stressful these past two weeks since several members of the family including myself have been in and out of hospitals/doctors.

I wanted to post a Christmassy poem on Christmas Day but I got stuck for ideas, so next time maybe!

Song: The A Team by Ed Sheeran (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAWcs5H-qgQ)

What it’s like to overthink

I don’t know what’s worse;

to have a full day, or to

have time to myself.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

First world problems, I know but it’s getting very irritating when wordpress swallows your blog post¬†into an abyss of nothingness – the first time I tried posting this it¬†didn’t¬†appear published, nor did it stay in my drafts, as far as I know.¬†Couldn’t even find it buried in¬†my older posts.¬†Fortunately it was just a haiku.

Song: Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92XVwY54h5k)

Steamy and a chance of showers

Faced away from the glorious cascade,

I’m swept up by the water’s warm embrace,

I listen to the pitter patter of its dance,

feeling the water chase the stress away.


The cobwebs in my mind now blown,

sets me free

from the demand of modernity.


And then the water droplets land

on the tiles

now causing ripples –

time to get out,

feel the cold slap of reality.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

The title is inspired by that Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs movie but to be honest there’s no reason – just felt like naming the post this :’)

I’m not very satisfied with the content I’m posting recently and I’m going to put that mostly down to rushing – yep, even though I spent more time writing for fun than I had for my English coursework…

I should probably change my tagline¬†and I want to change the blog name too but I haven’t¬†thought of¬†a new one¬†and it could confuse people. Edit: I changed them to what I think my blog is at the moment, whaddya think?

Anyway I’m going to keep writing and¬†try to write more creatively than I have been. I’ve gained way more followers¬†than I thought I would when I started this blog – thank you,¬†readers.¬†At this rate, maybe I will reach 100 followers by¬†February.¬†Hopefully you’ll start to see more than just poems and life updates on this blog.

Song: Young God by Halsey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUhJRQSs6UQ)¬†– if you like Troye Sivan’s music I think you’d like hers and vice versa ūüôā



you seemed to fit perfectly against me

so it took a little strength for me

not to wrap my arms around your waist

as if you were mine.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

This is probably either my first or second most cheesy poem to date, but I like the idea…Sorry it’s short.

I noticed my Am I Imagining it? poem gained a lot of attention (well, it’s my most popular post), so I’ve got more romantic poems lined up. Plus I enjoy writing those kind.

With regards to uni, I’ve received 4/5 of my choices, including a conditional offer for my first choice! I’m still nervous about whether I’m making the right choices but at the same time I’m excited. At least unfathomably excited to move out of this flat because it is so dire. I’m not even exaggerating, my mum estimates we’ve lost ¬£2000-3000 worth of belongings to mould, mostly books and framed pictures. 

And I’ve never been nervous about failing to achieve B grades before but now I am just because it’s what I need to get in… 

Also do other people’s mothers tell them that the friendships that last are the ones you make at uni? because mine did. Pressure much… :’)

Song: Ain’t Nobody’s Problem by The Lumineers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-TXKD2PmWQ) – it’s funny how it’s upbeat while the lyrics tell a different story.