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Her happiness

is like the morning frost;


until dawn’s breaking.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

Song: Thrown In Reverse by King Neptune (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cqefVkiY84)


Rain for days

Rivulets rolling

down the window slow

then quick, fragmenting

the gloomy slate grey

sky shrouding our one

and only dazzling

sun. Leaves shivering

in the wind’s wake, add

to nature’s surround

sound – drumming of rain

gets louder, drowning

out any worthwhile

conversation like

it knew that I just

wanted to soak in

the therapy that

is nature.


– Nix (sorry this is just an alias I use a lot)

Notes: featured image not mine.

I don’t really know if this is poetry or not but I wanted to have a go. Feedback would be much appreciated so that I can improve. 🙂 This is going to be some experimental blog posting.

This photo I took in August 2014 when I was staying in Yorkshire inspired this piece of writing.rain2.JPG

Song: Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zFfRSeA1ls)

Cherish and Perish

I think that some of us are so rooted in ourselves and now that we forget about the inevitable and others. It’s definitely true of me some of the time… This makes it too easy to take things or people for granted while there is the potential for our situation to change drastically, however likely or unlikely that is.

For me personally, I can get annoyed at relatively small things but I often forget that in the hopefully-not-too-near future that I won’t be around some of the people with those habits I concern myself with.

I’ve listed below in no particular order, some of the trivial things that get on my nerves.

  1. When someone posts a lot of similar photos to Facebook or Instagram
  2. When relatives/people you don’t know well hug or kiss you
  3. When someone accidentally buys the wrong thing/a duplicate for you – it’s nice that that they got anything at all
  4. When someone meaning well upsets you (I’m thinking of that time my eldest brother tipped me upside down over the dog’s water bowl as a ‘game’)
  5. When someone talks quietly/has poor hearing – sometimes I just nod and smile if I don’t hear them initially, and I’m also not the most patient person
  6. When someone repeatedly click their pen absent mindedly or not/don’t return what you lend – I’ve probably done the same and it’s nice to assume you’ve helped them in a little way by providing them that stationery
  7. When the (heavy) dog steps on your foot – dogs tend to love you no matter what, so let’s love ’em back IMG_8633
  8. Being dragged along to a wedding of a couple you don’t know but your parents do/a christening/niece’s performance etc – it doesn’t actually  take up that much of your time and it’s great for your family to support you (my seven year old niece was actually alright, it was funny when she was basically pushing the boy next to her out the way when she was doing her dance routine and I got to hear Stiches by Shawn Mendes at one point)
  9. When someone asks you for help/copies you – just be glad you’re trusted and remember you’ve needed help too! (never let them copy if it’s more than notes though)
  10. When you hand your phone for someone to look at a photo and they start swiping through your camera roll – how dare they invade my privacy! I don’t tend to hand over my phone now haha
  11. When someone breathes loudly – I don’t know why this annoys me but it does
  12. When my dad pipes up in the car when I’m listening to music so I have to keep turning down the volume (below is an old drawing by me)WYUD4870
  13. When a relative takes forever talking to you – appreciate their efforts

I’ve been working on relaxing and enjoying what I’ve got though, nobody’s perfect and that’s fine. Here are some little things that I do like:

  1. Random compliments especially from strangers 
  2. The sound of a good-natured person’s laughter – it’s nice to know they’re having a good time or if they like your jokes
  3. Basking in the sun/when you’re cosy in bed before you have to get up/putting on clothes fresh from the dryer on a cold day
  4. Walking through crisp autumn leaves or fresh white snow
  5. The invigorating feeling of splashing cold water on your face/a cool breeze especially in winter
  6. The shapes of clouds and the sky’s brilliant colours – one day I plan to find a good spot and do a time lapse of the sky at the same time over a month
  7. Watching rain drops run down the windscreen of a car/the sound of rain – I have a song playlist for when it’s raining because it creates such an atmosphere. And I took the photo below by accident whilst trying to capture the rainbow but it turned out kind of cool and tumblr-esque. Or is that just me?
  8. When a song you like comes on and being reminded of a pleasant memory, e.g. Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys when I read The Hunger Games
  9. Being treated randomly – sometimes my mum brings back an exquisite chocolate cupcake and at college one of my friends kindly shared a box of celebrations at Christmas with everyone
  10. When someone picks up something you dropped/opens the door for you/shares something with you/invites you to join them if you’re on your own and general reassurances – like that time a popular guy at my school offered to help me put up a promotional poster and at college a random girl asked if I was okay
  11. Genuine smiles – people are very pretty when they’re happy
  12. Surprise hugs/tight hugs by people you like because it’s comforting
  13. When someone remembers little details or quirks about you – something I’m terrible at sadly

It would be awesome to hear your favourite little things in the comments below 🙂

Notes: I was inspired to write this after seeing a post of general life tips circulating on Twitter, and also because of my own experiences. Featured image is not mine but the other photos are.

Song: All the Small Things by Blink 182 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ht5RZpzPqw)