Panic! At The Disco concert

I arrived home at 2:40am…(the car battery died.) The concert actually finished around 10:30pm, Brendon Urie was amazing, obviously. I think he’s now my favourite male singer. He did a backflip at least once, I managed to just miss it. I just loved the overall experience rather than any specific point of the day. My friend and I queued for 6 hours and basically had been standing for 12 hours by the end of the night but it was worth it – we were about the fourth row from the front of the stage. I put together a few of many videos I took and posted them here:

I was looking forward to wearing a nice outfit but of course it was predicted to rain, so brought a raincoat. I had my docs on which by the end of the night I was very thankful for as the rain was persistent.

Fans and staff were generally pretty friendly and kind, we got to listen to people singing songs (mostly P!ATD ones) such as Miss Jackson which was entertaining. There were a couple of LGBTQ+ flags around and that was a cool surprise. We were quite jealous of those in the queues with sleeping bags or rugs as it was really cold. To occupy the rest of our time, we just caught up with each other and attempted to play a few verbal games that I researched prior to the day in case of awkward silence. I also noticed a girl who kind of reminds me of Emma from Blue Is the Warmest Colour.

We were allowed into the concert hall at about 6:30pm but it wasn’t until 8pm that the supporting act came on (and we weren’t told who they were but they were good – edit: it was Tigertown) and I couldn’t stop staring at the drummer’s biceps…

In the meantime, there was one random balloon being batted about and then the balloons multiplied and there also seemed to be some blown-up condoms added to the mix, so some of us were terrified every time it got close. Definitely a memorable first concert.

And then P!ATD came on. The stage effects were awesome. A fan made a sign with a meme but with Brendon’s face on it and he saw it and said “oh shit waddup” which I caught on video! P!ATD played not only songs from Death of a Bachelor but also older albums, I was so happy. Most of my favourite songs are the older ones like The Ballad of Mona Lisa, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Girls/Girls/Boys. Victorious was the last song played I think, and the confetti came out. Somehow I managed to leave a trail of confetti throughout London and I still have red glitter in my hair but at least I look fabulous now.

It took ages to get out of the hall and I paid £5 for two Brendon Urie posters because  we were in a rush and I couldn’t be bothered to find the change for just one poster, and well, the caption says it all. img_2996

I’m glad I tried something new and shoutout to my friend who gave me the spare ticket for free, you’re the real MVP.


Notes: featured image and other photos taken by me


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