Trump is not the only reason for concern

I’m going to try to not get too deeply political because A) I’m not American B) this is not a politics blog but I felt compelled to share my thoughts and opinions on the frightening outcome of the US Election – America is one of the most influential governments in the world so obviously it’s going to influence everyone else in some way.

59 million Americans voted for him. Let that just sink in.

Just imagine how many racists, misogynists and homophobes/transphobes have now been emboldened. I thought humanity was supposed to be advancing, not going back in time and electing leaders that are getting compared to Adolf Hitler. And no, neither candidates were ideal but surely the beliefs/actions of this ‘businessman’ are more worrying than some deleted emails of a well-qualified woman in politics?

I can’t believe that people are saying “who you vote for doesn’t make you a shitty person” because if they have voted for him, they are literally supporting someone who is openly intolerant of anyone who isn’t a straight white man so it doesn’t take much to work out what his policies would be like. And many privileged people are saying Hilary supporters are being “dramatic” and “sore-losers” but they aren’t the ones faced with the implications that their lives are worthless. The minorities and women of America are terrified. The difference in the reactions of these people is shocking:

Hilary Clinton actually won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote so it seems that the system elected Donald Trump.

It wasn’t even a ‘working class revolt’, scarily, Trump’s campaign seemed to resonate with many middle class voters, notably young white men. Instead of radicalization of Muslims why don’t we ever talk about the radicalization of white men online?

Luckily there is some time before Trump actually becomes President but that’s not very reassuring – there’s already reports of increasing hate crime and so far at least 8 trans youth have committed suicide since Trump’s win.

How can we trust someone who incites violence with nuclear codes?

Furthermore, Trumps’ running mate advocated gay conversion therapy – despicable. Why people care about who other people love will always be beyond my comprehension. Pence and Trump are probably going to try and defund Planned Parenthood so if you want to support Planned Parenthood, here is the link:;jsessionid=C73B3E93D5165D9BA94D4A93E76E81CC.app20108b?df_id=23692&23692.donation=form1&s_subsrc=4NALz1705S1N1V&s_src=ElectionResults_1116_News_c4_pptw

You only have to look at the data to see a trend that the younger the age group, the higher the proportion who voted for Clinton, so if young people got a vote perhaps there would have been a different outcome. I agree that it’s unfair that people aged 65+ are voting for the futures of a completely different generation, one that overall seems to be much more accepting and loving.demographic-trumpp

I just hope that everyone can keep safe and knows that they matter and aren’t alone. We mustn’t give up. Love trumps hate.



Rise in hate crime/discrimination:

Notes: sources (that I could find) for photos:


5 thoughts on “Trump is not the only reason for concern

  1. Thank you for your post and support. As anAmerican I’m deeply saddened with the direction our election has gone. Previously living abroad and seeing how things could be makes me feel a bit hopeless. But I’m trying to show strength and hope something good can come from this. Cheers!


    1. Thank you for reading, posting a couple of thoughts was the least I could do. I do kind of think deep down, that things might not go awfully (hopefully), I take some comfort in the idea that many politicians don’t stick to what they say they’ll do…Sending good vibes to you and everyone affected 🙂

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