Inspiration is rude

because it doesn’t knock,

Inspiration makes a mess of my desk,

doesn’t let me sleep when I want to,

plays hide and seek when I’m searching for it,

– don’t even get me started on returning calls –

it takes the mick by offering ideas I can’t use,

and urges me to write but suddenly disappears half way through.


Inspiration lets itself in at the most inconvenient times

and I would change the lock

but then I may never see it again…


Although Inspiration’s visits are erratic, it is always there when I don’t need it.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine

Not totally satisfied with this poem but I completely forgot to post on Tuesday as I posted on Monday, oops. Here is something that will hopefully make up for the wait.

Also I’ve had two quite social days in a row so I’m feeling pretty happy. Today I came out to N unintentionally since we were talking about my dating life or lack thereof and I was being vague (using ‘they’ pronouns instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’). So then she asked whether they are a boy or a girl to which I then answered in small voice because I was embarrassed and nervous – bear in mind that we were in a lesson – but it turns out that she’s really chill and supportive which is a lovely feeling.

Song: Itch by Nothing But Thieves ( my friend M introduced me to this band and I instantly fell in love. :’) music recommendations are always welcome!


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