Head Full, Mouth Empty

In one of my Sociology lessons, a class discussion activity was to give reasons why given acts/things should be legalised or criminalised.

(Side note: in the UK in 2013 a guy now nicknamed the “Naked Rambler” was jailed for 11 months for defying the order which stipulated covering up in public. Meanwhile in the US, Brock Turner only served 3 months for raping an unconscious woman. Not directly comparable I know, and I’m not totally against public nudity because it’s all natural, but I think we ought to get our priorities straight…)

Anyway, back to the main topic, the one that amused me was ‘why heterosexuality should be banned’. My teacher said that if homosexuality can be banned, why can’t that? As the Interactionist perspective is that crime is simply a social construction (we’re doing the Crime and Deviance unit). Sorry not sorry for posting a lot about LGBTQ+.

It’s just reassuring to know my class and teacher seem open-minded.

So the suggestions were as follows:

Although, I didn’t actually contribute to the discussion – it’s very rare for me to voluntarily; either I’m worried my answer is going to sound stupid or I am too shy to say anything. And I have a lot of thoughts and opinions which is one of the reasons why I took this subject, so I need to work on that.

Notes: featured image not mine.

For further reading I suggest Gillian Dunne’s study of the division of labour as it provides some insight.

I’d love to hear about anything interesting you’ve learned or any thought-provoking discussions you’ve had recently. 🙂

I had the same problem as last time posting this, so here is a repost.

Also thank you everyone who has been commenting and liking and following or even just taking the time read. I’ve noticed the poems seem the most popular type of post on my blog so if you’ve followed for those you might be disappointed by ‘normal’ posts (apologies) although I’ve had a lack of inspiration and I’m really busy with my A-levels at the moment. So I posted again this week because I felt bad. I will endeavour to post more poems though! And I have two stories I’m thinking of writing and posting in chapters.

Song: Crosses by José González (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcKnlhL97rs)


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