Wallflower Power

I’m usually overlooked because I’m the quiet odd one out in my class.

(This year none of my friends are in any of my classes, again. Although I saw the girl I sat next to in Geography last year as I came out of my lesson. Unfortunately I couldn’t hang around but we talked and she amusedly recounted how our mutual friend was freaking out about me – allegedly, of course – giving her my cold. I can’t keep skipping days and I only came in to play badminton after college, in my defence. Gotta power through the snuffles!)

Sorry, I’ll get back to the point.

This seems to give people some sense of security as they’ll talk as if I’m not there. Sometimes they something funny and I have to try not to smile. Though I failed and just laughed one time.

Other times, I wish I could block out their voices because I’m hearing TMI…

Anyway in a recent Geography lesson, I overheard a guy saying he had gone to a red light district. And I don’t think that has anything to do with the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. Not sure why, can’t quite place it.

The moral of the story: quiet people are often inadvertently put in in privileged position. What if you ran for Prime Minister later? :-O

On a more serious note, I know so many quiet people who are actually really cool once you get to know them.

A question I got asked a lot when I was at school was “Why are you so quiet?” and the answer is because none of my friends were there and lessons are for learning not chatting. I say that while I’ve been mostly talking to the person next to me in English this year so far. I don’t think I’ll get a good grade on my interim report but YOLO I got perfect grades on last year’s, and I have about eight months to make up for it. And to be fair, we are doing coursework at the moment so our teachers just leave us to our own devices. I work better at home.

So people shouldn’t dismiss us quiet people. I can be an asset – from being your trusty stationery-lender, I can help with work (the non-Science/Maths kind) to lending ear and offering a fresh perspective.

I think I can be a fun person. Well, I hope so, you just have to bear with my initial social awkwardness. Maybe I’d surprise you. DUN DUN DUN.

Are you a confident or shy person like me? Leave a comment below. And have you ever overheard some amusing or plain bizarre conversations?

Notes: featured image not mine.

Also I don’t think WordPress actually posted this when I tried to publish it this morning. I tried to retype it as close to the original I could. I’m really annoyed at WordPress for this. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m using the mobile app at the moment.

Edit: Apparently I posted this on the 19th, but if I did I didn’t mean to and why was it still in my drafts then? I’ll keep this version.

Song: After Hours by Adam Lambert (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVFnT_ESm3I)


4 thoughts on “Wallflower Power

  1. Im a confident loud person, and I tend to put myself into conversations- so thankfully because I’m a bit unique most people are ok with that. I work for doctors, for some reason me and all doctors get along. Must be something there like quirks in personality. How old are you friend? sometimes confidence comes with time


    1. Oh right I can get along well with confident people because it means there is less awkwardness on my part haha. Ah it’s so useful to be more extroverted, I’m a bit jealous šŸ˜› I’m 17, what about you?


  2. I think this is so true. I am shy but once you get to know me I can be more outgoing, cool, and comfortable. It is just hard for people to get past how distant (unintentionally!) I can be at first.


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