Blood Summer

Not here to be marked,

or to sate your appetite –

I’m not a walking

juice box. I’m minding my own

business, now leave me alone.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine – credit: Terraria : stake launcher by BlacksmithOWY  (source: out more of their awesome art over here:

A tanka about vampires/mosquitoes, of course inspired by when I get bitten – one time I got three bites on my neck which didn’t fade for ages, adding to the reasons why I kind of dislike summer.

Also, just imagine the glass of blood (well I actually searched ‘glass of tomato juice’, afraid of what might come up) is from a soy milk carton which says “mine” on it. I hope someone gets that reference. EDIT: I changed the featured image because I found out I got permission to use this cool painting on my blog, thanks BlacksmithOWY!  🙂

Song: Closer by Kings of Leon ( – I came across it by searching “vampire songs” and fell in love.


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