Is what I would call the experience of secondary school

– it is the land of the gossip, roughhousing and generally being silly:

like when someone dangled your pencil case in front of you, it was annoying to not be gifted with being tall;

here where teachers gave you a ton of homework willy-nilly;

boys and girls pushing past you

in the corridor, their bags adding to the knockback;

across classrooms glue sticks, paper aeroplanes, elastic bands and rubbers flew;

unfortunately you can’t erase the memory of your peers embarrassing you – there’s no turning the clock back;

talking in hushed voices just a few seats behind you;

throwing your way, a dirty glare;

shoving his phone down his pants so the teacher cannot confiscate;

cussing out the teacher if they dare;

telling the teacher a monetary reward for their work would motivate;

leaving little surprises from a dissection lesson in some poor unsuspecting soul’s blazer pocket;

boys being tinkers by hiding a friend’s files within many folders;

they warned you: don’t stick scissors in an electrical socket;

beware: friends may sneak wrappers in your hood or rucksack bottle holders;

girls taking the fight to the hood of Sir’s nice little car;

sword fighting with an old metre ruler;

using the Bunsen burner on random objects to char;

girl throwing up in a mock because she smoked weed beforehand, thinking nothing’s cooler;

employing bang snaps and stink bombs in the hallways

and cracking the secret to driving them up the wall through small ways.


– Nix

Notes: featured image not mine – according to good ol’ Wikipedia, it is from the 1917 silent film Rebecca of Sunnybroom Farm.

I had too much to write about for it to be a sonnet but I followed the same structure. I’m enjoying writing these 🙂 Fun fact: all but one of these lines I know for sure have happened at the school I went to.

Song: Here’s to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne ( – I don’t feel as old as my age so uni just being around the corner is a terrifying thought for me!


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