Would you like to save your progress? YES/NO

Notes: May be a depressing post but towards the end it lightens so read on for that 🙂 The featured image is not mine.

If life was like a videogame I think it could be very tempting for some of us to want to go back to our last save point. Or perhaps switch over to an alternate save file and resume from there.

Because when things aren’t going to plan, for me, anyway, it might put you in limbo or discontent which is really frustrating. I kind of agree with some aspects of Marxism which I have been studying in A-level Sociology, such as the idea that in Capitalist society the bourgeoisie have a constant supply of workers (the proletariat) who will work for external rewards/goals (source: via http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/sociology/theories-in-sociology/marxist-concepts/). E.g. in school you’re working to get at least 5 good GCSEs to get into college or an apprenticeship and then you want 3 good A-levels or equivalent for a job or university. So if you pick uni, then you’ll be seeking a degree, or perhaps you’ll go that extra mile for a postgraduate degree in order to be appropriately qualified for the field of work you wish to go into.

There’s always a set of goals which tend to include a well-paid job, family, a nice house to retire to.

And if you don’t know what you want to do, how you’re going to achieve it or maybe whether you’re going to achieve it,  life might leave you clueless and questioning the decisions you have so far taken.

I like to think that I have mostly taken the right choices but it’s hard when they leave me miserable, take A-level Geography for example (the Edexcel one). Going from an A* at GCSE to inconsistently getting passes in all the practice tests leading up to my AS exams has left me wondering why I took it and whether I’m smart at all (my results will come out in mid August). But then again, I would not have realised that I definitely do not want a career in that area, especially not a 3 year long degree.

But…if it was possible to go back to that last save point, and still be aware of what choices I absolutely don’t want to make, would I?

Well, hopefully I wouldn’t because what’s the fun in that. Perfection doesn’t exist. Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder.

Moreover, without struggle and mistakes, I would have nothing interesting to recount and most importantly, I would not be the person I am today.

I guess life is a journey. And the journey is probably better than the destination. We are continually changing and improving (or worsening) and I’m sure you’ve heard people say that you’re not the same person you were, say, two years ago. Hopefully, that means you are progressing. And that’s never bad.

“The only constant is change” – source: via unnamed_artist_1 on Instagram. Her work is awesome and definitely worth checking out! 🙂 I think the quote is originally from Heraclitus.

Song: Price Tag by Jessie J (possibly my favourite song of all time, I especially love this acoustic version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhVeofML_n8)


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