The 5 Senses

I was a bit stumped for ideas for today’s post at first. Luckily all it took was for me to catch a couple of ‘mind trains’. By that I mean I thought of something I like (music) and stayed onboard that train of thought until finally reached the idea that I will write about.

Originally I was going to discuss what it would be like if you couldn’t hear sounds or music but I thought it could be more interesting to extend that to an impairment of any of the five senses we have. And while I was trying to figure out a title name I made another connection: our bodies, our societies, our Earth’s biomes would not work if it weren’t for balance. I was going to say something about harmony but it doesn’t really feel like there’s been much of that.

I like being informative so I did some quick research on the topic of senses. For those of you who are interested in the so-called sixth sense, here’s a little article thing about it which could be enlightening:

Out of the five senses, hearing (impairments) seems to be the most common as according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 360 million people have disabling hearing loss (source: – in comparison, an estimated 285 million people are visually impaired (source:

And I don’t have a specific number for smell or taste disorders e.g. anosmia but apparently millions of people are affected (source:  I actually feel like I have a sensitive sense of smell because I find some scents that are not too noticeable by others overwhelming sometimes.

As for touch, I found out that about 1 in 1 million people are thought to be born without a sense of pain (source:’t-feel-pain-scientists-discover-cause-of-rare-inherited-condition-that-turns-off-10274604.html).

I feel like society could possibly be better if we didn’t have sight because then you can’t be as superficial and judgmental. It might be a lot harder to be discriminating if you can’t see the colour of someone’s skin, for example.

Life would be a lot less fun without taste or hearing but I think either of those senses would be the ones that are easier to live without. And perhaps we would eat healthier since one doesn’t have to put up with the watery and limited flavour of a lot of fruit and vegetables (though I greatly admire people who are super healthy, how do you do that?). Although I would miss music and the sound of people’s voices etc. terribly, I would hate to rely on someone or something else to know where an earth I’m going. It would be nerve-racking not being able to see if someone is creeping up on you. And there’s so much beauty you would never witness if you didn’t have sight.

Anyway, if you had to pick one sense to live the rest of your life without, which would it be?

Notes:  I blame Google if the painting I used as the featured image is copyrighted. I used advanced search to filter out pictures not ‘free to use or share’ so if it’s  wrong I will happily take it down. I just thought Pietro Paolini’s Allegory of the Five Senses was rather beautiful and apt.

Song: Touch by Troye Sivan ( I love all his songs so far, amazing and chill to listen to.


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