Routinely robotic?

Sorry, no actual robots will be discussed in this post.

I think I’ll make this a thing: mention at least one song per post. Time seems to pass so fast, Pride Month has been and gone. What I’m trying to say is that today’s song is I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross ( I just find it hilariously upbeat and it never fails to put a slight smile on my face.

What’s not a laughing matter though, are all these recent attacks (I will explain how this relates later on).

The reason behind the title of this post is that I think structure is in everything. From the most mundane things in our individual lives, to the constantly turning cogs in the institutions which drive nations, and the fundamental way planet Earth works.

Even when we are involved in something seemingly spontaneous, the pre-existing structures of society mean that there’s going to be a consequence which may then place us in a predictable situation. E.g. if a student was provoked into a fight for the first time, protocol may mean they are simply given a warning and put under surveillance. (Sorry, couldn’t find a better way to articulate that.)

Referring back more directly to my claim that structure is in everything: we’re all brought up in some way. What I’m trying to suggest is that maybe none of us are truly free from structure because from infancy, we learn an accepted and established pattern of behaviour. But I admit it’s pretty clear that we’re all unique, I guess that’s both nature’s gift and curse.

As the human race has ‘developed’ we have discovered laws of the universe, created social laws designed to protect, established many social institutions which shape how we live.

(My simplest example of structure in day to day life is the routines we implement ourselves. Especially  the ones that aren’t actually necessary other than to quell our anxieties. Why are we so obsessed with structure? Well, some of us, anyway. E.g. the fact I have felt compelled to keep a journal for over three years so far, eating my meals systematically, checking my bed for trespassing creepy crawlies…one time I found a worm or something on my duvet. AND since moving to this dank flat, I encountered a slimy looking creature on my floorboards. Never want to relive that, thanks. One year till I move out, yay!)

However, I think although the structures we have do need improving, structure is vital and has many positive impacts. For if we did not have structure, we would be nowhere near as productive and efficient. But let’s not forget the social costs of apathetic efficiency. And if it weren’t for the old laws and conservative  values we cling on to, perhaps not out of malice but not knowing otherwise, then maybe the minorities in this rapidly changing world would stop being persecuted.

If you haven’t guessed, Sociology is one of the subjects I’m studying. I’m very curious about how the world around us works.

At any rate, I hope this made sense and that it was somewhat interesting to ya!

Notes: The featured image is not mine.


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