Night owl

It’s a fact that I procrastinate a lot…

Tonight it led to the creation of this blog! I’ll try to update it a lot as and when I have something I want to share with the internet.

Instead of going to sleep (it’s 1am as I write this), I’m acting on motivation and inspiration, two things that don’t come easily to me. Is it just me or is it easier to create when you’re simply not trying to?

This leads me on to my next point. I love staying up late. Mornings abhor me. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. It’s kind of a vicious cycle in that I stay up late so I get up late…and then I’m not sleepy until it’s late again, and so on and so forth. Unless it’s  a dastardly college day. Then I must force myself to get up.

Anyway, in this flat, there’s something so  calm and quiet that lends to the creative juices flowing. Or sometimes a depressing contemplation of life. Laying awake and wondering, for example, how an earth it’s become very possible that Donald Trump could become President of the United States.

I’ve even made a music playlist for nights like this. It mostly consists of rock (if you have any song recommendations I’d love to hear them!) Currently listening to Say It Ain’t So by Weezer ( if you were interested. The sound of  raw instruments, lyrics laced with slightly ambiguous meaning, combined with earnest voices is very therapeutic to me.

Moreover, night time is like a drug. Even though it’s kind of pointless that I’m up this late, I find it hard to stop distracting myself from the inevitable: sleep.

I think to some extent, my delay is due to knowing as soon as I turn off the light, I’ll be wide awake. There’s something about that soft yellow lighting that makes you feel sleepy and content.

It’s even easier to prolong one’s day (albeit not always by choice) when it’s summer. The more slowly receding sun allows me to trick myself  into staying up later because hey, sunlight = day, right? Sidenote: summer sucks. I would hibernate if I could. It’s just too hot and there’s too many bugs and I like wearing clothes that are suited to colder weather!

If you’ve read this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog post. Comment saying whether you’re a morning person or a night person 🙂

Notes: The featured image is not mine.


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